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Come and volunteer with us in the Dominican Republic!
We are so thankful for our many volunteers who travel to Sosua and
Puerto Plata each year to help serve the poor in our communities.

Our team volunteers have the opportunity to participate in various humanitarian projects as well as construction work in our villages.  Construction range in variety based on the requests of each team. As an example, daily activities can include mixing concrete, laying of blocks, bending rebar and back filling dirt on various houses. It can also include painting the outside of a home and installing metal roofs.  Some volunteers may be skilled at working in our wood shop, building doors and windows for the homes and painting them.  Others may have a trade or profession that they can put to good use such as electrical, plumbing, teaching, and providing medical services.
Volunteers will have the opportunity to bless the poor in our villages through hospital visitations, village feeding programs, school visits and snack programs, to mention just a few of our ministry outreach programs. We love to work with each individual team to customize their visit by offering opportunities to serve in areas that they are most passionate about.
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