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Farewell To
Jean Melnick

Jean and David Melnick joined The Samaritan Foundation Canada as volunteers in 2016.

They heard a presentation about how The Samaritan Foundation Canada was building a Pediatric Hospital in the Dominican Republic and felt God asked them to leave everything to serve God full time in their retirement years. In March 2018, Jean and Dave graciously stepped into the rolls of Mission Directors of the charity. Dave, who passed away in 2023, and Jean, served faithfully. Under their leadership, The Samaritan Foundation has built almost 1000 homes, 2 churches, 3 schools, multiple homes for seniors and completed the first stage of the Grace Children’s Hospital. In March of 2020, COVID hit the island and many who live day-to-day were facing starvation when Dave and Jean said, “We feel God wants us to stay here and serve food and essentials to the poor who now can’t work, and therefore can’t eat”. Through their selfless act, thousands of meals were given out on a weekly basis during lockdown. Jean, you are a special person. God has asked a lot from you, and you have responded by surrendering faithfully through serving the neediest. The board of The Samaritan Foundation Canada is thankful for your dedication and service. You have shown the love of Jesus through your sacrifice, and been the hands of Jesus in your daily actions. You are loved, and we bless you in your next chapter on your journey.

The Samaritan Foundation Canada Board

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