Grace Paediatric Medical Centre

Many children in Puerto Plata suffer from treatable illnesses and have no realistic opportunity to access the care they need.

Grace Paediatric Medical Centre addresses the desperate need for local, specialized paediatric care, following a “no child refused” policy. This means that every child seeking help, regardless of socioeconomic status, will receive state-of-the-art healthcare.


The hope and dream of every parent is for their child to receive medical care when they are sick. The poor in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic are desperate for a place that focuses on the health of children. The closest paediatric hospital is over 4 hours away, which is unaffordable when you can barely feed your family. For the poor to be able to take their children to a first-class hospital with highly skilled professionals, fully equipped with medical labs, testing capabilities, and treatment rooms will be a dream-come-true. This paediatric hospital will serve the poor and demonstrate God’s love and mercy for generations to come.

Hospital Details

  • 40 Beds
  • Full-service facility
  • Complete medical laboratories along with testing facilities

  • X-ray machines, dialysis equipment, heart monitoring equipment, anesthesia machines, and other equipment
  • Emergency patient services

  • Intensive care ward
  • Isolation area
  • Birthing Area
  • Medical education centre

Our Needs


  • Children Ward (Boys), 340 Square Meters | Sponsored
  • X-Ray/Examination, 340 Square Meters | Sponsored
  • Emergency Room, 340 Square Meters | Sponsored
  • Operating Room, 340 Square Meters | Sponsored

Smaller Support Buildings

  • Pharmacy | Total $50,000 CAD
  • Kitchen | $50,000 CAD sponsored, another $50,000 CAD required
  • Laundry | Total $25,000 CAD
  • Administration Buildings | Total $200,000 CAD


  • Land Preparation | Not Sponsored
  • Road Surface | Not Sponsored
  • Sewer Pipes | Not Sponsored
  • Electricity | Not Sponsored


  • Total Construction | $1,800,000 CAD
  • Current Commitments | $1,475,000 CAD
  • Need | $325,000 CAD

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All donations designated to Grace Children’s Hospital go to construction, infrastructure, and equipment funding of Grace Paediatric Medical Centre.

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