Sarah’s Place

The Girl’s Ward of Grace Children’s Hospital will be dedicated as a living memory of Sarah Tapley.
It will be called: Sarah’s Place, a place of healing.

The Girl’s Ward of Grace Children’s HospitalSarah’s Story
Sarah Tapley was born on February 26, 2001 in Medicine Hat Alberta.  She was the youngest daughter to Matt and Lisa and little sister to Abby and Joey.  Sarah was a sweet, thoughtful and spunky little firecracker with a huge smile and an infectious laugh.  She was bright, cheerful and always singing and worshipping Jesus.  She loved to make her own songs and belt them out at the top of her lungs.  Sarah loved her family and friends with a loyalty and tenderness that made knowing her a treasure.  She often wore the colour yellow and loved anything to do with monkeys. 

In September 2009, Sarah Tapley was diagnosed with an aggressive form of a childhood cancer.  She began a three-year treatment journey that involved many forms of medical and natural attempts to defeat the disease.  But by far, Sarah’s greatest weapon in her fight was her tireless faith and hope in God.  Throughout her journey, she never took her eyes off of Jesus and she persisted in faith for a miracle even to the very end of her life.  Sarah believed in the promises of God, and even though she did not receive what was promised, she is a champion who impacted many lives through her sweet spirit and her abiding faith.
“Sarah’s Place” is built in her honour and dedicated not only to her memory, but also to the faith, hope and love that defined her.  It is our prayer that you will feel the Presence of God and the hope that comes from trusting Him in the midst of your own journey.  It is our prayer that you will find hope and strength on your journey of recovery. May God give every parent Grace and Faith through the Holy Spirit, and see that He is Good. May this building be a place of refuge and healing to all who enter – in Jesus name. 
May you pick up the baton of faith that Sarah carried and may your life be forever changed by the power of Jesus’ Name. 

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