Grace Children’s Hospital

The hope and dream for every parent is for their child to receive medical care when they are sick. The poor in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic (DR) are desperate for a place that focuses on the health of children. The closest pediatric hospital is over 4 hours away, which is unaffordable when you can barely feed your family. For the poor to be able to take their children to a first-class hospital with highly skilled professionals, fully equipped with medical labs, testing capabilities and treatment rooms will be a dream-come-true. This pediatric hospital will serve the poor and demonstrate God’s love and mercy for generations to come.

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Location and Land:
Through a generous local family in the DR, a well-positioned property was donated close to the highway between Sosua and Puerto Plata. It is centrally located and accessible to the whole region through all commonly used public transportation. Local bus services stop just a few hundred feet from the property, and visiting medical teams will have easy access through the international airport located in Puerto Plata. 

Hospital Equipment:
Our largest provider of medicine and hospital supplies is working on fully equipping the hospital with the majority of the necessary medical equipment. We will need critical equipment, such as X-Ray and anesthesia machines, as well as heart monitors and dialysis equipment. We will also need practical office furniture and the 40 beds required for the two pediatric wards. If you are able to assist we know our team will appreciate the help. An equipment list can be obtained by request.

A critical part of this puzzle was the operational component. As Samaritan Foundation has a history of partnering with ministries to operate schools, clinics and churches, the operations agreement has been established through the involvement of Medical Ministries International (MMI). MMI operates 26 hospitals around the world with their start in the Dominican Republic. MMI still successfully operates the prestigious 80-bed Santana Hospital in Los Alcarrizos, medical training facilities and a number of clinics around the country. They have a long history in training medical staff, and implementing operating efficiencies.

Specialty Health Program:
Grace Children’s Hospital will also function as a ‘hub’ for the entire north shore. As such, MMI intend to network local medical clinics, for the purpose of addressing localized health needs. Surgical teams will be invited to travel on short-term missions focusing on local needs, such as obstetrics, optometry and more.

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The plans were generously donated by one of the top Architectural design firms in Florida at no cost to the Foundation. We are grateful for all the painstaking detailed work that has gone into each department of the hospital. With input of health workers, pediatricians and finally a signed approval from the health department in the Dominican Republic, we have great expectations for how this hospital will impact lives in the region.


Estimated construction cost:

Samaritan is currently raising the funds for the construction. We have 6 primary buildings, and 4 smaller support buildings. The following is an update on where we stand:

1. Children Ward (Boys) – NEED SPONSOR $150,000
2. Children Ward (Girls) – COMMITTED $150,000
3. X-Ray/Examination – COMMITTED $150,000
4. ER – COMMITTED $150,000
5. Surgical Theater (OR) – NEED SPONSOR $250,000
6. Administration – NEED SPONSOR $200,000
Support buildings:  
– Pharmacy, Kitchen, Laundry, Storage ($75K each). $300,000
– Land prep, road surface, sewer pipes, electricity. $200,000
– MISC. $200,000

Total Estimated Cost:



Please contact us from our Contact page if you’re interested in helping with this project.

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