Current Projects

We’re currently at work on our 12th village in the Dominican. There is so much need here and so much that can be done. You can learn more about our ongoing projects below and find out how to support the work and get involved!

Villa Paraiso #2

This community of 71 families is the sister village to Spruceland Paradise Village and can be seen over the small and gentle valley that separates the two. Though this community was only started in 2013, it is already near its fulfillment with enough room for another 4 homes and their families. This village will be completed in the early months of 2015.

Villa Samaritano

Our newest village is named after The Samaritan Foundation itself and is neatly situated on a hill between Villa Paraiso #2 and Villa Emmanuel. Though construction of houses started in January of 2014, the access to the village, which needed a bridge and a street off the main road, commenced in 2013. When completed, more than 300 families will have a new modest home that they will be calling their very own. 

What makes Villa Samaritano unique from the other villages is that it is the first village that features some of the newest developments in house construction and design. Each of these homes will be smooth coated (parched) inside and out, total indoor plumbing with showers and each house will have complete in-wall electrical receptacles and switches. Life is good!

Villa Paraiso Gardens

The agricultural gardens of the Paraiso villages have been one of the largest, most visual and abundant blessings to the many families of the Spruceland Paraiso and Paraiso #2 communities. Over 185 families have taken advantage of these freely given garden plots to help offset the shortages of food that many of them face daily with more plots being developed. Here agricultural specialists work alongside the garden recipients to help teach, instruct and encourage the villagers in the cultivating and management of their respective properties. 

But it goes beyond the agricultural means to also include Poultry, Honey Bees and Tilapia (the growing and harvesting of fish). Here workers are looking to expand the ability of the local villagers to include these other possibilities to provide some additional much needed income. By expanding their horizons and capabilities, this brings the adage of “Teaching them how to Fish” to a whole new level.

Get Involved

Find out how you can get involved and help.
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